Rain fall on a tin roof
Inside i sit and scribble a haiku
On a napkin that came inside our takeaway thai food
It goes our time is always
Our season is all year round
This is our secret for as long as we can keep it
The deepest of secrets that nobody knows
The route of the route the bud of the bud so it goes
And the lyrics of a thousand songs couldn't paint a picture
So beautiful she had me from my first conversation with her
See nobody was ever as clever
Still cant figure how the put it together
Sittin in the room where we first got lost in one another
Just trippin off the feeling of together we discovered
Now i'm reminiscing on days past escaping the pearl
Before taking that hold and making it too hard
But it was scary to be even this close to a perfect fit
Close your eyes i promise this wont hurt a bit
This is the kinda love that inspires the stuff i write my poems to
The kind of love you have to live. just to come home to

HorrorShow. Thes fellahs be going places!
Shit i burned the snickerdoodle cookies, munchin it anyway