F A C T 

                             +~ mushroom's make me sick
                             +~ hawaii will always be my first home
                             +~i wash my hands way more often than regular person does
                             +~always thirsty 
                             +~never been in love
                             +~i hate chocolate unless it vanilla hmm vanilla chocolate? weird.
                              +~roller coaster's are my biggest fear but ill ride one witcha' if you just ask
                             +~i stay up late cause i can’t stop listening to music
                             +~hates people who talk shit before you even get to know a niguh
                             +~i don’t do relationship
                             +~empty streets scare me 
                             +~ likes the sounds of 90's skateboard vids
                             +~i can’t hear very well 
                             +~i poke smot
                             +~daydreaming is all i do even before i fall asleep
                             +~the homies know i love em even if i tease em and write on their faces when their asleep
                             +~hates television now day's
                             +~uses the words CHEEEE PUUUUUh, bitch, niguh, yo, HOLLA, pakalolo, bud alot
                             +~loves the smell of a fresh book
                             +~never finishes ANYTHING ! -_-
                             +~outside typa chick